Combining Sign Language and Scripture

For me reading and memorizing Scripture passages is a form of worship. It’s a way to lean into God and really listen, really see, really understand. It’s a way to focus my mind on Truth and let it take root in my soul, feeding me, guiding me, changing me. It’s a way for me to better know how to respond to His love, to not only show Him my heart, but to make my heart more like His, to honor and love Him. It’s a way to pray and praise and cry out and hold on. It’s the river that gives life to my faith, my joy, my peace, and my hope.

To add in Sign Language creates the ability to praise in multiple languages, multiple forms, and alongside more people all at the same time. It brings worship from my thoughts and voice, to my whole body. It helps me connect deeper to what I’m saying because of the differences in the languages. It prepares me to be more attune to how welcoming, engaging, and compassionate I am being to the beautiful and unique people around me and reminds me the world is bigger than me. It helps me show love. It helps me share the Gospel. It challenges me and gives me an outlet for wanting to move purposefully to songs and raise my arms with intention when God’s Word is proclaimed. It’s an art and a science and it’s something I think we will never regret learning one word of.

Are you enjoying learning a few signs and a few Bible passages on our Facebook page this month? I pray they are finding you well and are blessing you in some way. Thank you for joining me in this journey of life and faith, and for being a part of this amazing, caring, uplifting Living Faithfully Rooted community.